Electrical Cord Test and Tag in Melbourne

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Why do Testing and Tagging

Testing and tagging of equipment is essential in order to ensure that they operate safely and do not pose a risk to people, property or the work environment. Testing should be conducted regularly as electrical appliances have the potential to cause serious injury or death if they are not maintained properly. Even events which are less severe can result in skin burns, organ damage, etc. To stay safe, employers and self-employed personnel must have their equipment tested/tagged regularly. Doing so can help avoid potentially fatal results and keep workers safe. If your employees regularly use electrical equipment, testing and tagging is a must!

We strongly suggest testing and tagging as a necessary precaution for any equipment in use.

Electrical Cord Testing Melbourne

Are you looking for trusted Electrical Cord Testing in Melbourne? At PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne, we provide a complete inspection and check on electrical cords for any bent or damaged pins, missing securing nuts and more. We also ensure that the form of the cord has not been twisted, there is no discolouration, foreign objects attached to the outer insulation of the cord. On completion, our professional team will provide a comprehensive report along with all test results and actions taken.  Upon completion of testing, we provide a full report with all test results and actions taken.

We can also inspect other equipment to ensure complete safety at workplace