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Exit Light Testing Melbourne

A business should always be confident that the emergency exit light and exit signs are working as expected. Nobody would like a situation at work where emergency lighting or exit signs do not turn on in the event of a power failure or evacuation. Attention is required as people at any workplace should be able to find their way out of the premises in case of an emergency. This is a requirement that is looked at by work covers and insurance providers in case of any workplace incident involving people using emergency light or exit. PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne offers help to have your compliance for exit and emergency light testing in Melbourne appropriately ticked.

It is a regulation In Victoria for businesses to have emergency lights working at the exit doors. Schedule a full test of the emergency lights annually. You need a professional to advice you properly on these rules and regulations to ensure safefy of you and your employees. As for example, If your emergency light setup is supposed to give you two full hours of light in the event of loss of power, the test has to last for at least two hours.

The exit light testing is done to ensure that the emergency exit lights stay illuminated for at least 90 minutes on battery power. The test is not complicated as mostly the emergency exit light comes with a small “push to test” button to test the light illuminated while on battery power.

The process involves these steps:

  • Testing of all lights to be operational under mains power
  • Check and replace if any mains powered globes / lights are failing
  • A 90-minute mains isolation test to check battery backup.
  • During the isolation test, checking to ensure no emergency lighting has failed