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Three Phase Testing Melbourne

PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne is the industry leader for Three-Phase Testing in Melbourne, offering full compliance services that abide by Victoria’s test and tag regulations. Our experienced team of professionals guarantee top-notch service with full public liability cover, giving customers piece of mind in knowing they are receiving the highest quality work. We are confident our electrical testing and tagging services meet all applicable standards so you can have confidence when having us complete your Three-Phase Testing.

Three Phase Testing Melbourne

These tests are required to successfully complete a three phase testing inspection:

  1. Earth Continuity : The Earth Continuity test measures the resistance supplied by the equipment or machine’s earth wire. For current to pass to earth from the equipment as quickly as feasible, the resistance needs to very low. The maximum resistance allowed for this test is below 1Ω.
  2. Insulation resistance: The Insulation Resistance test measures the  resistance provided by the machine/equipment’s insulation. This resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω) and the minimum ohms required for a successful test is 1MΩ (megaohm) which equated to 1.000.000 ohms.
  3. Earth Leakage: An Earth Leakage test is used to ensure that the leakage between the main conductors and the earth pin stays below the limit. This is critical in order to ensure the leakage doesn’t cause electrocution. The earth leakage testing measures the extent of current flow which is measured in amperes (amps), which are required to be very low in order to be successful in the testing. The test results should not exceed 5mA (milliamps), or 0.005 amps for it to pass the test.

Another test that can be carried out on 3-Phase equipment is RCD trip time test while testing RCD safety switches.

The maximum trip time for 3-Phase RCDs must not exceed 300 milliseconds (ms).

The Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010 recognizes three important tests for compliance of equipment using three phase switch or socket