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Safety Switch Testing Melbourne

Are you looking for a reliable safety switch testing service in Melbourne? Look no further! Residual Current Device (RCD) testing is an essential part of electrical safety maintenance in your property, and we are here to provide it. RCDs are highly sensitive devices that disconnect a circuit or power source as soon as they detect an imbalance in electric current, providing necessary protection and preventing injuries or fatalities. At our service centre, our professionals will take care of all your safety switch testing needs with confidence and accuracy

RCD or Safety Switches play a vital role in your safety from any hazards with electrical equipment and appliances you use at workplace or at home.

RCDs should be tested periodically to check their performance for trip current and time are within the specified limits. At PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne, we provide accurate testing of your RCDs as required by the Australia/ New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010. Using a range of high quality test instruments, our technicians are able to test the performance of your RCDs for trip current and time to ensure they are within specified limits. To satisfy safety obligations, it is recommended to have safety switch tests done biannually.

RCD tests to ensure compliance include:

  • The push button test
  • Visual inspection and operational testing
  • Tripping time to test for trip time as prescribed by Australian standards
  • Two fast trip and two non-trip tests
    Tripping current test
  • Inspection of switchboard door, hinge, lock and weatherproof seal

We recommend regular RCD tests to ensure the safety of life at work and home that could be endangered in case of an unfortunate contact with a faulty wiring.