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PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne firmly believes in building strong customer relationships. Located in Melbourne, our team is backed by ample experience and competence to conduct efficient electrical testing and tagging services with full compliance to the regulations specific to Victoria. Furthermore, we possess the necessary public liability cover that gives you the assurance of safety when you choose us for our test and tag services. Rest assured, we abide by all applicable regulations pertinent to your industry sector.

Microwave Safety Testing Melbourne

Are you looking for microwave safety testing in Melbourne? The regular use of microwaves and their increasing age, can lead to a build-up of dirt and contained particles that may cause radiation leakage. While the radiations from microwaves are used in the purpose of cooking food and other things, these same radiations can become dangerous if not kept properly monitored. To ensure your safety and health, it is suggested to get regular tests done on your microwave to inspect for any potential leaks or damage which may bring forth radiation. Oldermicrowave models also require more frequent testing due to signs of wear and tear or deteriorated parts. Don’t take the risk – ensure you get proper microwave safety testing today!

PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne recommends regular testing of a microwave to ensure that you and your family, or employees are safe. Our professional technicians use radiation detection equipment that is compliant with Australian standards to conduct tests after inspecting the microwave for any physical damages. With our microwave emission assessment, you can be assured that your environment is not negatively affected by radiation and stay safe.

Microwave Appliance Testing includes:

  1. An electrical safety test to ensure appliance safety compliance.
  2. A physical inspection and correct functioning assessment to check for damage and deterioration.
  3. A power output and electrical cords inspection for compliance with acceptable standards of electrical flow and magnetization.
  4. A radiation emissions inspection to evaluate radiation levels.

PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne uses proper radiation detection equipment in accordance with Australian safety standards for microwave testing.

We will also provide certification tags after the testing exercise and will issue a schedule for the next servicing to keep things up to date.