8 Vital Tips to Prevent Electrical Workplace Accidents

Every day, workers head to work in the hope of earning wages. As they work for our organization with a dedication, so they deserve to be work in a safe and healthy environment in return. As the companies’ owners, we should be concerned about electrical hazards. In 1999, more than 279 workers died from electrocution at work, and each year, more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries in the workplace due to electrical hazards. However, there are ways to ensure such accidents are minimized from electrical hazards. In this article, we are going to tell you 8 vital tips which keep your workplace protected from the extreme danger of the electrical hazards.

1. Hazard recognition: Electrical hazards are avoidable if your workforce is trained to recognize the conditions. Being awake and aware can save their lives from electrical hazards. If you give training to your workers on how to determine electrical hazards, they will knowledgeable about the potential hazards occurs in the workplace. According to the Jullia Hall, most of the people who become the victims of the electrical accidents at work are those who are unaware of potential electrical hazards.
Electricity accidents are caused by careless of electricity such as:
– Lack of knowledge about the functioning of equipment.
– Improper earthing of the device.
– Faulty switches.
– Using damaged wires and cords.

2. Wear requires safety gears: Wearing the correct protective gear for a job is one of the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of the workers. If the workers’ job related to the electricity, they should always be worn rubber made hand gloves, shoes, helmet, fire resistance wearing and hard hat with vision carrier which protect a worker’s eyes and ears. Your workers should be vigilant about wearing the proper uniform and other prospective garments when working.

3. Grounding: It has been noticed that many industrial, domestic and commercial premises, grounding system become unreliable. It is essential that earth resistance must be as low as possible. It is specified that for prospective purpose, the same should not exceed 0.2 ohms. Under no circumstances, the earthing wire should be in the house should be connected to water pipes. This not only gives us shock but to someone else also.

4. General safety precautions: Accidents not just happens- they are result of unawareness and unsafe condition. So that we prevent from accidents follow the general safety precautions while working.
– Place rubber mats in front of switches.
– Understand and awareness of the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and the hazards involved.
– Never assume that the equipment is de-energized. Remember always test before use.
– Do not work on the live circuit.
– Do not throw water on the circuit in case of fire.
– Make sure your equipment is working correctly before use.
– If at any time a job become hazardous for you, quit it.
5. Test and tagging: Test and tag is the name given to the process of checking the safety of portable equipment at a regular interval of time. It gives you a surety that electrical equipment is working properly and free from potential hazards and also let you run the business with peace of mind. You can hire a test and tag Victoria for inspecting electronic devices of your company.

6. Pay attention to and follow emergency drill: workers also tend to take the safety drill for granted. They think participation in such drills couldn’t be more important. However, these emergency drills are conducted in every industry to teach workers what to do in the event of an emergency and how to avoid it.

7. Electrical safety tips: The majority of electrical accidents are due to improper use of equipment. You need to train your workers regarding the usage and installation of the equipment, how to avoid unsafe work practice and so forth.

8. Install emergency exit lights: It is very necessary to install emergency exit light which is designed to guide people to safety during an emergency. If you install this light in your company, in the event of an emergency, people will able to find their way out of a building. You can take the help of emergency exit light testing Melbourne to test it at a frequent basis.