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Visual and Defect Reports in Melbourne

It has been proven that more than 90% of the defects which have caused issues are generally evident through a visual inspection. To ensure your own and worker’s safety, electrical equipment and machines should be visually inspected, checked and tested on a timely basis. The frequency for such testing usually depends on the environment in which the machine is operated and the type of equipment.

Our team here at PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne can assist you in detecting damage, defects or any modifications or changes that may have been made to the original machine/equipment including its connecting parts, accessories, plugs and extension sockets. This inspection and assessment also includes assessing for factors such as discoloration and changes in physical appearance due to over exposure from high temperatures, moisture and chemicals.

Defect Report

If an equipment or a machine is found to be defective, it will be tagged as dangerous due to the defective part(s). PowerQ Test & Tag Melbourne then proceeds to add this to their log and notify the personnel responsible.

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